Saturday, July 16, 2016

So, what happens when we are not working?

So, what happens when we are not working?

After a day or week of work, you can find us either sitting around a bonfire at the compound where we live, exploring Kabale Town, or on the road to various parts of Uganda.

Nights by the fire are a time when everyone living and working at the compound get a chance to come together to learn more about each other, laugh, joke, and just relax under the stars. It's honestly one of my favorite things to do while here. There is never any topic off limits and laughs are a guarantee. The only thing we are missing are marshmallows - but we've replaced them with home grown maize! We "harvest" or pick the maize from the garden, peel it, and then place it by the fire for roasting. Within minutes, there is a sweet/crunchy treat ready to be devoured.

Exploring Kabale Town is also something we do quite frequently. Whether it be running errands to the supermarket to get some snacks, popping in to Cafe Barista to get the best Samosas in the country, buying fabrics at the local fabric store, or hogging the internet at local restaurants, these are places where you may typically find us when not around the compound. When passing through town we get the chance to practice our language skills; so in the morning when we are passing someone we say, Oraire ota - meaning 'Good morning. How are you?'. And if we pass someone during the day or evening we say, Osiibire ota - meaning 'Good afternoon. How are you?'. Everyone gets so excited when we attempt the language, so we are sure to get a reply. They get so tickled that it makes them chuckle! The only thing about these trips to town is that no matter the route you take, you are sure to encounter some hills that will definitely work your calf muscles. But hey, what's a little exercise when you reach the top and see the beauty below?

During this trip we have been no stranger to traveling and exploring all that Uganda has to offer. From mini trips to Lake Bunyonyi and Ssese Islands, to extended trips to Kampala, Jinja, Fort Portal and Queen Elizabeth, we have explored quite a bit of territory. We have passed the equator, seen animals (yes, including lions), relaxed at Lake Victoria, tubbed down the famous Nile River, and had some much needed city life in Kampala. All in 7 short weeks. All while working!

I am now off to get some much needed rest so that tomorrow I can enjoy a day of not working. Well, at least not work that is too hard. ;P

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