Friday, August 12, 2016

Bendiciones (Blessings)

The internship experience with AMOS Health & Hope has drawn to a close. The past six-weeks were filled with real-world experience of conducting research in a rural community and training Madres Voluntarias (Volunteer Mothers) to help improve the maternity and child health outcomes. Throughout the internship period, I have been able to better understand the knowledge that I learned during the global health practicum and put that knowledge to work. Simultaneously, you learn and become more accustom to the seeming small moments of a day in Nicaragua like meals.

                 Breakfast consisting of gallo pinto, scrambled eggs, fruit (watermelon and pineapple), juice, and coffee.

It was a tremendous pleasure and gratifying experience to be present at the graduation for the Madres Voluntarias and the final meeting with the health committee of La Danta. It was those two moments that alluded to the importance that the community places on its partnership with AMOS.

The health committee of La Danta, Madres Voluntarias, and the AMOS Women's Empowerment team following the final health committee meeting of the summer

The final big moment of the internship in La Danta would have to be the celebration that the community had in our honor. It was a beautiful representation of their gratitude for the work that AMOS does in partnership with their community. It was here that the "bendiciones" of working in La Danta for the six-week perios was felt the strongest.

Members of the community of La Danta that had active roles in the celebration (band, singers, and minister).

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