Monday, August 15, 2016

The Passion of Brazil

I use this video as an introduction. This is an introduction to the passion that surges through Brasil. This video was take at a local soccer game, but that same passion is resonated in every other aspect of their  lives.

Just to introduce you all to some of these passionate people, I have to start with my adopted aunt and uncle. We stayed with these beautiful people for the entire summer and they showed us nothing but  love and sincerity. They treated us like their own sons and showed us the template for the passion for kindness that every Brazilian that I met shows. You guys are already missed.

These two men right here are guys that I truly consider my brothers. Of course Ketan and I were together through the entire summer and got to know one another to a level that only can be considered brotherhood. I consider him to be a lifelong and close friend of mine. Now this other guy connected with both me and Ketan on a level I never thought possible with such drastic communication barriers. Even before Ketan or I became better at our Portuguese, we found it oddly easy to communicate with and understand him and he us. He told us one night that he had a feeling that he was going  to become great friends with  some American guys. He said that he felt that even before we arrived in Brazil. All I can say is that this man has a huge heart and exemplifies this passion of Brazil to the utmost. He is another lifelong friend of mine. 

As we flew out of Belem, we had the privilege of seeing this amazing view of the Amazon River. While in the air, I reflected on all of the beautiful personalities that I met up there. Somehow the outstretched and seemingly endless length of this river reminded me of the seemingly limitless passion for life, doing right by others, and ability to accept strangers as brothers that the people of Brazil demonstrate. This was probably one of the mist beautiful views that I have seen in my life. What a fitting time for such beauty.

Getting the opportunity to attend the Olympic Games was definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity that I will never forget. From the beautiful beaches of Copacabana to the extensive beautiful parks created just for the games, it was an eye-candy of an experience. Although, I cannot help but wonder how or even if all of this revenue that is put into events for the people who can afford it to watch, is affecting those who can not afford it. 

Once again I end my post with the half shown sun. Only this time it is the rising of the sun. Although this picture shows one of the last images that I took in Brazil, the sun rising behind the beautiful landscape of Rio De Janiero assured me that I was not leaving Brazil on a sad note, but on a start of new beginnings and with much gained experience and knowledge. as the brilliant sun revealed itself more and more, I knew then where the people of this country get their passion. They will be missed while I am gone. 

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