Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A lovely end to pre-race anguish

When one goes into the unknown, there are no comparisons or similarities to provide the experiencer comfort in that everything will be ok.
I am a triathlete and I experience this feeling when I am about to and in the water in an open-water swim. I feel anxiety over what is in the water, how can I become comfortable, will I survive, etc.? And I am afraid of roller coasters and specialize in working under pressure. With these things in mind, getting ready for takeoff was extremely excruciating. Analogous to the few minutes before going into the water, there were so many variables (some of which I may not have been able to have full control) in the days leading up to departure. There were clothes to pack (But I need to pack lightly), there is a routine I have to break (not that I have a set one) and people whom I will miss seeing (just a little). Then my phone started messing up 2 days before I was set to leave (aye, the agony) and the only appointment Apple had was the morning of THE DAY (the AGONY). I went to the store and they had no phone to replace my phone. So I left and luckily, my mom had a “phone” to replace it with or provide a backup “just in case”.
My mom drove my family and me to the airport so to save my car and let them keep it at home to remind them of me. On this drive I let my anxiety go. I told myself I would be ok and if I needed anything, it would be ok and I could get it once I was in Brazil.
1,2,3 TAKEOFF!
So being scared of roller coasters and having flown only a few times in my life, I was super anxious about the first takeoff. To ease myself, I took refuge in the fact that only a handful of HUMANS were in charge of the plane. I trusted humanity and my problem vanished. The rest of the ascents and descents were only a little trembling (pun intended).
Ahh Brazil. Home to the tropical rainforest, rapid deforestation rates and incredible human population growth and economic improvement. Blue Air is also calls this country it’s birthplace (thank you CBU MKTG class). Other than these few facts and the information I was given orally by my American MHIRT advisers, I knew little about Brazil. I came here with no expectations, on purpose, and I am truly enjoying getting to explore a new way of life.
Where is the big canister of oats? Where may I find the half gallon of SILK? Where is the store that has everything you need, all in one place? What about Goodwill? Why are the people laughing when the professor said what she said?

Wow, was I in for a shocker!... (Word limit is nearing, I’ll continue in the next post)

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