Saturday, June 24, 2017

Covering Grounds (Research and Literal) of Uganda!

So surprise, we reached the equator at Uganda! 

Liz, Daryl, Kinnon, and I are up bright (not quite) and early ready for our day safari at Queen Elizabeth National Park! Going to one of our many outings during the weekend is quite a treat! Especially when we get hot, running water at our safari lodges.

Tembo (Elephant) Galore! Did you really go on a safari if you didn't see an elephant? We also had a great driver. Shout out to Vincent!

Although we love our outings, research has been an exciting part of our time here as well. Here we are interviewing our new friend, a midwife at Bushenyi Health Centre IV, on her perception and knowledge of HPV and cervical cancer. 

This marks our first group interview with all the midwives in the maternity ward at Ishaka Adventist Hospital. We naturally are overshadowed by the stunning poses of the midwives. & you can barely see me. But, these ladies deserve the shine. Love getting the group together and interviewing over sodas! 

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