Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Wishing you the best from the Island of Magic

Hey Guys!!!!

E ai or what's up!?!

So I was supposed to post last week and with the wifi at our house, it was a struggle for the computer to come on (that's an exaggeration). I can go on about my problems and the things I have to do without, however my focus here is going to be on the opportunities that have presented themselves. After all, I am on the Island of Magic. This is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. 

So what has happened since my last post?

In the above picture is Bella, my tri teammate and Mariana Andrade, a famous Brazilian triathlete. They are both with the team equipetime (team time) and how I met this fantastic team happened several weeks ago thanks to a bloody leg. For those of you who follow me on instagram, you may remember me posting a picture of the gore. I was out for a run and tripped on the uneven sidewalk. Instead of letting that ruin my fun, I got up, collected myself and continued for a 2.5 hour slow jog. 

Oh, are you asking about the lab? Yes, I forgot that's the main reason why I am here. Lets explore what is going on at the labs in Floripa.
 Oh God, what is that you ask? I would be asking the same question if I didn't take the picture. So on an off day in my lab I headed to the lab of Winter Beaton, my fellow MHIRT friend and we learned how to put rats in the holders above. Wait, don't tell me I am cruel to animals. I am a vegan-leaning vegetarian after all. These rats are SO, I mean, SO docile! They handle so much. If I was forced into a tube where I couldn't wash my face, I would be very upset. These rats dont try to bite or anything and when you let them crawl on your shoulders, they cuddle with you. I LOVE THEM.
The sad part for me is that some are used for a different purpose, all together. Their sole purpose in life is to live and grow within the walls of a lab to hopefully provide the human race more knowledge with the contents of their bodies. I witnessed a terminal rat blood pressure recording from the carotid artery. This experiment was what is called vivisection. Basically dissection on a living animal. The good thing in this experiment was that it was terminal and the rats would not have any memory or have to deal with any pain from the experiment as they would be humanely put into a slumber once the data was collected. For me, this was difficult to swallow, but hey, it's an experience nonetheless.

Wow! that was a brainload! You say I need some relaxation after all that. Yes you are right!!! So what does one do in the Island of Magic for fun?

In these pictures are shown one thing that interests me about life. EXPLORING. I can be anywhere, downtown Memphis, in the Mississippian country, or on an island in Brazil and I just love learning of the things around me. The first image is of some interesting graffiti I had to snap a photo. Isnt it lovely?
The second picture was from a relaxing day on praia Canasvieiras.

And the third, was a scrumptious chocolate cake, That pink yumminess tasted just like pink chocolate with no fruity hints.


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