Sunday, July 23, 2017

Brazil Summer 2017..DONE!

I only have a couple more days left in Florianopolis, Brazil.. my, has time flown by! I can honestly say, this has been an amazing summer! I explored a lot, learned a lot, and smiled a lot! I'm so grateful for this experience, a big thank you to the MHIRT program and the NIH!

I enjoyed trying all the popular Brazilian food dishes, such as pastels.

Joaquina Beach, closest beach to our home. 

Working in the lab!

"It's always hot in Brazil" Haha, think again. It does get cold here, but majority of the summer has been nice and warm! Future MHIRT participants: don't forget your coat and maybe some boots when traveling to this city! (:

--- Winter B. 
Spelman College
Biology major
Class of 2018

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