Thursday, July 20, 2017

La Hermosa Cultura de Nicaragua-The Beautiful Culture of Nicaragua

Nicaragua is well known for it's amazing volcanoes. Here, my friend Danielle and I went to go see Masaya's active volcano! We are only allowed to be there for about 10 minutes because the volcano can erupt at any time! 

We were currently at Lago de Apoyo eating a traditional plate (except for the pancakes). For breakfast, Nicaraguans will most likely eat scrambled eggs, gallo pinto (mixed rice and beans), fruit, and a fresco (natural fruit water). It is so delicious!

Las weekend we went to San Juan del Sur which is a beach city and we tried learning how to surf! 
P.s. Reapply sunblock every 30 minutes.

At Laguna de Apoyo we kayaked! Also, don't forget the sunblock. 

Here is some work we have been working on this past week. As a chronic disease intern, we will be conducting a nutrition fair for the community in Nejapa, Nicaragua. There will be lots of nutrition activities to raise awareness about excessive sugar consumption and good health overall. The fair is happening next week on the July 27th and I am so excited!

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