Sunday, July 30, 2017

Farewell Uganda: Memories from Africa

My journey in Uganda has come to an end in this final week of the MHIRT program. I have had the privilege of working with amazing anthropologists from the University of TN, Knoxville who have opened a whole new world to me. I’ve learned about forensic science and transitional justice as tools for capacity-building and reconciliation for countries that have experienced conflict. Professor Trish Hepner has been an invaluable mentor these past few weeks as I’ve consulted with her about my plans to pursue a doctoral degree in psychology at UTK in a couple years. Her expertise in human rights and refugee issues has been the source of hours of insightful discussion. Working with Wilfred (a Ugandan Masters student) and Lucia (a Swedish PhD student) has made this summer quiet enjoyable as they provide fresh perspectives to the project.

The drivers and translators were also valuable assets to the team as they helped us navigate the physical and social landscape of the region. It has been an amazing experience working in various villages in northern Uganda including Pader, Patiko, Pabbo, Kitgum, and Buchoro with beautiful scenery and roaming green hills. We took an exciting excursion to Murchison Falls where we went on a guided safari tour and got up close and personal with elephants, giraffes, antelopes, warthogs and chimpanzees. I hope to return to Uganda soon to explore more of its natural splendor and to reconnect with the amazing, warm-hearted people I have met here.

19756797_10155482435569257_621748064412921415_n.jpg     The Dream Team

 Nile River

 Murchison Falls

 Safari Tour

"The Mystery Van" (our mode of transportation for work and play)

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