Sunday, July 2, 2017

No Chile, No spicy food

Besides having food with no chile here in Nicaragua, the culture is quite different than what I have experienced at home with my Mexican parents or at school with my American friends. The people are beyond friendly and always try to help you. I learned that Nicaraguans are considered collective, as compared to Americans, individuals. I have learned so much about this culture that it has opened my eyes to realize that being an individual can be suitable in certain situations, but working collectively can be the best to get a well-rounded perspective from everyone specifically in the workplace. The culture has taught me more about compassion, not that I didn't have any before, but it is something that I admire from the people here at AMOS that I feel I still have so much more to learn. In addition, I find it important to know how collectively or individualistic a community is so we can learn how to communicate with them. Once we know how a community works, then we will be able to walk along side them and combat global health issues together.

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