Monday, July 24, 2017

Was Floripa the right place for me? A record of pics.

Disclaimer: I know I went above the picture limit by far. However I want to share as much of my stay here as possible. And MHIRT is the one who helped me find "Heaven on EARTH"

Future MHIRT students, please consider these amazing pictures when deciding on a MHIRT site...
Let me also share my very personal thought process. I heard of MHIRT my freshman year of CBU. Right away I wanted to join this amazing program to see a different place than Memphis, TN. Now, is that the right motive to apply? It's definitely not! However for a struggling science major, becoming immersed in a real lab will help one see what working in one is like. I had no idea the pace was as relaxed as it was. Also when I applied to MHIRT, I had no preference on where I wanted to go or what I wanted to work on or with... MHIRT is great at matching students!!!!
Coming from CBU's organic chem lab led by Dr. Peer, I was used to being given a task and then after he knew what we were doing, he trusted us to problem solve our way through the lab. This was a great experience! I learned to work by myself for the most part, relying occasionally on my classmates Saehymn Oh or Kaila Muhammad for help. 
Thanks to UFSC's NEPAQ lab, I have learned the importance of working with a team in a science setting. My lab was very big, with at least two people working together on most projects, so working by myself was not a thing. New experiences, new neuronal connections created!!!!

Trilha de Boa Vista

Barra de Lagoa lookout

Unknown to me flower on Trilha de Boa Vista

Cool pic, eh?

Look at me having fun with my camera!!!

OMG, I'm now an ecology major and to see a whole stand on ecology concepts and to be able to understand what it's trying to disseminate, even if it's in another language is priceless!!!

Ditto for the last one.

Entrance to Praia Mole

My view from my apartment here.

Sand play

Sand play

Me and sand

Brasil a la sand

Lab mates Karla and Mateus

Work, work, work

Beautifil mural

Legal lugar in lagoa de conceicao

sandboarding in lagoa de conceicao

Ditto with last one

A fraction of my huge lab. Guess who's me?

Entrance to my lab

UFSC logo

One room in my lab.

Work, work, work

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